The Chickens Always Come First

Friends and visitors have likely noticed that our beloved chickens no longer reside in the former monkey cage in the Kitchen Vegetable Garden. We’re happy to report that their desire to roam free and live out their years elsewhere was realized when we relocated them to a wonderful ranch near Bakersfield. As hens age, they thrive better in unfettered environments.

Thanks to one of our Friends, we were able to locate the Holt Ranch where they now happily reside. They graze green pastures, roost in the trees, and are once again laying eggs and enjoying free range living with countless other farm animals.

Our road trip began very early in the morning when the hens were still asleep, making it easier to place them into containers for the two-hour adventure. By sunrise, they were well on their way, and one hen was lucky enough to ride in the front seat. They were calm and quiet for the duration of the drive.

One of the local 4H groups heard that there were some new hens at the Holt Ranch, and they called to ask if they could be used to show their new members (ages 7 to 10) how to properly handle and examine the hens. In addition to handling them, they must learn various parts of their body, their wings, and their breed. The great part is that the demonstrations were done by a veterinarian who gave a full examination to the Robinson hens. They all were said to be in excellent shape.

We’re grateful that the hens are still helping to educate children, and we look forward to the next flock which is set to arrive this Spring.

Post by Joshua Johnston
Grounds Caretaker of Virginia Robinson Gardens

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  1. Julia Klein
    | Reply

    Another wonderful adventure for the chickens!! Thanks, Josh, for all that you contribute to Robinson Gardens.

  2. Sue Fado
    | Reply

    What a good deed and bless you for taking the road trip, my good thoughts go to you and the others who were involved.

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