The Donor Tree

The beautiful wrought iron Donor Tree located on the back wall of the Robinson house memorializes the contributions of the Friends of Robinson Garden’s most generous donors.   Leaves in copper, silver, and gold designate monetary contributions to FRG for which no goods or services were received ($25,000, $50,000, and $100,000, respectively).  Donors’ names are etched on the leaves.  The Donor Tree was inspired by Virginia Robinson’s original artistic tree ornament that was restored and re-hung at the back of the house where her head table for parties was set.

Please take a look at the Donor Tree the next time that you are at Robinson Gardens.  It is quite lovely and in perfect harmony with the home.  The Donor Tree illustrates the love our members have for Robinson Gardens.

If you have any questions about the Tree or how you might qualify for recognition, please contact Evelyn Carlson at [email protected].

Post by Evelyn Carlson
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member

Photos by Joshua Johnston and Linda Meadows





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