The Rodeo Drive Committee at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

On November 13, 2018, the Friends of Virginia Robinson Gardens hosted a year-end breakfast for the Rodeo Drive Committee Association. The President of the Rodeo Drive Committee Kathy Gohari and Beverly Hills Mayor Dr. Julian Gold attended the reception. Many of Rodeo Drive’s top stores were represented at the gathering, including: Dior Homme, St. John, Goyard, Valentino, Stefano Ricci, 208 Rodeo Restaurant and many more.

Store reps enthusiastically voted to create funds to support victims of the recent Woolsey Fire, which decimated many homes in Malibu Canyon and the adjacent West Valley neighborhoods of Los Angeles. And Susan Salgano, a Leadership and Culture expert from New York City, gave an inspiring lecture on how a happy employee culture translates directly into creating memorable customer shopping experiences and brand loyalty.

Post and photos by Dana Reston Lyons

Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member

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    It is a joy to read the latest news of Robinson Gardens. Beautiful events, beautiful people, and beautifully written.

    Please keep me on your list. Thank you.

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