The Virginia Robinson Garden Tour & Estate Extravaganza 2020

Due to Covid-19, our annual Garden Tour, “City of Angels 2020” was unable to take place. Undaunted, we are working on having our amazing Garden Tour in May 2021. We will once again have wonderful gardens for you to visit, beautifully decorated rooms by renowned designers and florists, a fun fashion show and wonderful “pop-up” stores for shopping.

Please go to our website to read the articles highlighting our Garden Tour “Stars”. These wonderful “creatives” donate their time, supplies, skill and passion to ensure the success of this fundraising event. Each month, we will feature one of these generous souls in our Newsletter. Enjoy discovering their talents and creative ideas and please consider using them for the needs that you may have.

Please continue to visit our website for information regarding our 2021 Garden Tour.

Thank you, and see you in May!

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