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Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in Dubai

On March 4th, I arrived in Dubai and proceeded to participate for the next four days in the 15th Anniversary of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. We celebrated the impact that the support of 260 women entrepreneurs from 60 countries has made on this world.

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Why Dubai?

Over the course of the expo which opened last October and closes at the end of March, Cartier has proudly created a Women’s Pavilion which has been highly visited during these last few months.  The focus on this pavilion has been a number of issues with one of the key issues focusing on our planet’s most precious resource, water.  As we face rising ocean levels and struggle to secure clean and reliable supplies of water, we are constantly reminded of the value of water for our well-being.   One room in the pavilion is highly emotional with a wall focusing on the miles that women and children from around the world walk to find and carry home water.  A wall is covered with the shoes that these women have worn for these many miles…

For the March 8th International Women’s Day, Expo 2020 Dubai in collaboration with Cartier hosted the Break the Bias Forum, which brought together representatives from governments, corporations, and changemakers (including Sheryl Sandberg) from around the world to help drive gender equality and women’s empowerment and end silent discrimination.

The reason for our pavilion – a statement – When Women Thrive, Humanity Thrives.

Post and Photos by Worthy McCartney
Friends of Robinson Gardens Fellow Member

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