Tim Lindsay Gardening Series

The Tim Lindsay Gardening Series
Class Schedule

Mark your calendars! VRG Gardening classes conducted by Superintendent Timothy Lindsay are designed to provide practical hands-on methods to make your garden more productive and beautiful! Each class (held the last Wednesday of each month), addresses the art and science of horticulture, thus providing  great take-home value to participants.

Class subject matter this season is summarized as follows:

October 26
How to grow organic and nutrient rich edibles in your Vegetable Garden:
This class offers ideas on how to design your vegetable garden, how to grow vegetables from seeds and from color packs. Timing of planting and harvesting will be extensively covered, with a concluding discussion on pest control. (click here to sign up now for this class)

November 30
Caring for your Garden design, through control of size, proportion, and scale of plantings:
This course will help you evaluate the scale and proportion of your garden and help you decide on how to bring it back into focus; both pruning methods and cultivar selection will be discussed in relation to honing the scale of your garden.

January 25
How to select bare root fruit trees and roses for your garden:
Learn what to look to when purchasing bare root plants, observe the proper planting techniques when installing bare root plants in your landscape.

February 22
A month of Anticipation: Planning for Spring color in the garden:
This class explores color combination, balance, repetition and accent colors; Students will observe various color combinations in the garden and learn the plant names that make up the compositions.

March 29
It’s Spring Planting month:
We will look at the various plant choices you can consider that can add charm and eloquence to a spring-time garden. Sources for suggested plants will be part of our discussion.

April 26
New plant releases, and the slightly rare plants, available to make a beautiful garden:
This show and tell class is geared to offer new ideas on plant combinations in your garden.

Sign ups for classes can be found here: Gardening Series Classes

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