Tour of the LA River

The Friends of Robinson Gardens had an exciting and educational tour in March of the LA River project led by Mia Lehrer. The group concluded the tour with delicious box lunches from Home Boys Catering. Below are two links where you can learn much more about this significant development and the opportunities available for the public to enjoy the Los Angeles River.  Included here are some pictures of  the Friends’ tour.

The following is from Mia Lehrer and Associates’ website which can be accessed at this link: Lehrer


The Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan aims to transform 32 miles of concrete-lined river into public green space in the heart of one of America’s most populated cities. As a vital work of civic infrastructure, the river has the potential to integrate a divided city. A bold commitment is made to restore riparian habitat and to reconnect park-poor neighborhoods to green space. The regional open space network will provide trails, parks, and bikeways along the length of the river. Making the river green and accessible is expected to transform an undervalued asset into a valued amenity.

Another important website to learn more about the LA River restoration project is:

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