Robinson Garden's Video Archive

Reminiscing with Hollywood Legend Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar's work - like herself - has only become more beautiful over the years, combining her passion with the skills of Garden Designer Bradley Bontems. She & Brad have frequented our Garden Tour luncheons - you may have caught a sighting of her! Always a VRG supporter, Miss Newmar was an exceptional & enthusiastic participant during this strange holiday season.

In this special Christmas Present to our wonderful followers, we have a special Q & A with Miss Newmar, as well as links to several magical videos about the garden and its peerless creator...Read More


Virginia Robinson Gardens: Virtual Garden Tour

As promised on Mother’s Day 2020, here is our gift to you: a virtual home tour relating to our 30 year tradition of the most brilliant and inspirational of all Garden Tours. Since we reluctantly cannot be together this Saturday, May 16, please join us virtually & enjoy expert historian David Silverman, as well as VRG Superintendent Tim Lindsay, as they guides us through some familiar properties that we have visited together. Please enjoy this remarkable opportunity as our guests!


Virginia Robinson Gardens Story

A brief history of Virginia Robinson Gardens featuring Friend Maralee Beck and Superintendent Timothy Lindsay. Special thanks to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.


The Ultimate Tour: A Digital Look at Virginia Robinson Gardens

Join us in taking a digital tour of Virginia Robinson Gardens, featuring an in-depth lecture on the property, as well as the Robinson family, by our Superintendent Timothy Lindsay. Hosted by long time Friend Maralee Beck.


A Special Celebration for Ivo Hadjiev's 80th Birthday

Ivo Hadjiev was the last majordomo who worked for Virginia Robinson the last 10 years of her life from 1967 to 1977, when she was age 90 to 100. Ivo was very well educated, spoke five languages and had a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Rome. He was Bulgarian, and the Minister of Arts for the government of Bulgaria.