Virginia Robinson Gardens Is In August Company!

Virginia Robinson Gardens Is In August Company!

Famed interior designer Charlotte Moss also loves gardens and garden design. Ms. Moss is the author of eight books and her latest, Garden Inspirations is both a work of beauty and usefulness as well as an amazing accolade for Virginia Robinson Gardens.  Ms. Moss has visited gardens all over the world and features many of them in her latest book.

For American gardens, Ms. Moss selected Monticello, Swan House, Montpelier, Dumbarton Oaks, Mt. Vernon, Madoo and Virginia Robinson Gardens.  Our special treasure is the only garden featured west of the Mississippi!

“Garden Inspirations” is a visual joy and a practical guide.  You can order the book directly from the website of Ms. Moss:

Virginia Robinson Gardens is honored to be included with so many other historic American gardens.


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