Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project Update

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Update

The restoration of Virginia Robinson’s cardroom is in very capable and talented hands, with artist Laurah Grijalva and interior designer Catherine Fellowes onboard.  It has been a happy collaboration led by Friends member Ellen Levitt and Superintendent Timothy Lindsay.

Over the last month, artist Laurah Grijalva painstakingly stripped the water damaged faux marble walls and started anew. Explaining that the old paint was too damaged to restore, Laurah sanded all the layers to the underlying plaster, and applied a base coat of medium yellow paint.

To simulate the marble, she layered several washes of pale yellow, ochre and butternut tones, achieving a translucent luster. Using oils, she then painted in the delicate veins. The final coat, which will have some gloss, will seal and protect the trompe-l’oeil walls, and make it very easy to clean. The overall effect is already magnificent!

It was working at Disney’s digital domains and the visual effects department in the movie industry, that Laurah honed her skills and learned to work very quickly and under any kind of circumstances.  She has had many private commissions as well, from children’s rooms to a butcher shop that wanted a painting of sheep on its walls.

Laurah happily remarked, “When this room is all redone, with the new floor and the new upholstery, it is going to be so so beautiful!”

The furniture has been beautifully and generously restored by Bromley Antiques Restoration in Pasadena. We are indebted to the generous and very talented designer Catherine Fellowes for her dedicated pursuit of sourcing textiles and vendors, always keeping in focus the goal of safeguarding the original historic fabric through professional conservation and preservation. Do be sure to check out the magic lamp shade that miraculously changes color and lends a rosy glow when turned on.

The Friends are very grateful to our generous donors whose patronage has provided for this elegant and luminous gem of a Pompeian-style cardroom to be restored to its original glory for all to enjoy:


Ms. Gwen Aldridge and Dr. Bruce McLucas

Ms. Gaby Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Alpert

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blake

Ms. Susan Brauneiss and Mr. Marc Gamsin

Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Chiu

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony U. Choe

Mr.and Mrs. John Charles Everage

Mr. James Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Page Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Ali Kasikci

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Kavanaugh

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Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kavanaugh

Ms. Keeley Smith and Mr. Jerome Kerr-Jarrett

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Marcus

Ms. Forrest Worthy McCartney

Ms. Emma Mur

Ms. Celeste Pinto McLain

Marian Power & Tyson Weihe

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reinstein

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosenfeld

Mr. and Mrs. George Royce

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schultz

Ms. Madeleine Clare Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wintrob



Post by Linda Meadows
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member


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