Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project

Virginia’s Cardroom Restoration Project   needs your Pledge at the La Dolce Vita Patron Gala

The newest restoration plan at Robinson Gardens is to restore Virginia Robinson’s cardroom. The entrance to this enchanting hidden room is in the Billiards Room of the Pool Pavilion. A secret door in the wall panel opens up to a winding staircase that ascends into this magical space. The cardroom is ornately painted with motifs that tell a story of other lands and an era gone by. It is accented with delicately painted faux marble walls, columns, trim, and floors.

Unfortunately, time has not been too kind to this picturesque room. Water damage and the fluctuation in weather conditions over the years has taken its toll on this beautiful gem of a sanctuary that Virginia cherished.

This year at the La Dolce Vita Patron Gala, guests will have the opportunity to participate in helping to restore this most elegant of cardrooms! Each of the tables will have pledge cards on them so that guests can make their pledge after the live auction.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Patron Gala – La Dolce Vita! We appreciate all that you do for the Virginia Robinson Gardens!

Post by Diane Jenkins
Photos by Josh Johnston

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