Wallis Simpson and the Tea, Scones & Gardens Book Club

Left to right: Co-chairs Elaine Stein and Patricia Cowett

June 15, 2024, was this quarter’s VRG Book Club meeting in the Pool Pavilion at The Virginia Robinson Gardens.  Returning and new attendees were there to capacity.  It was interesting to get to know many new participants. That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor allowed us a discussion as varied and provocative as the Duke and Duchess themselves.  Shrouded in secrets she held close, the many-faceted persona of Wallis was so thought-provoking to dissect. No less the Duke, with his many strengths and weaknesses, was great food for thought. The pair lived in such a time fraught with many political and logistical perils, mores, and laws foreign to us in this modern era. It must have been an exciting experience to have them visit with Virginia at the estate as they did so long ago. 

Adding to the fun of the event, co-chair Patricia Cowett asked questions about the book. The winners who correctly guessed the answers were awarded prizes: a photo of the Duke and Duchess on their wedding day; a commemorative plate of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee; and a book on French fashion as Wallis loved the elegance of haute couture.

On September 21, we will have the pleasure to have read Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks: The Most Popular Couple the World Has Ever Known by Booton Herndon.

On December 14, we will discuss William Mulholland and the Rise of Los Angeles by Catherine Mulholland. We look forward to meeting again!

Post by Patricia Cowett
Friends of Robinson Gardens member and co-chair of the Tea, Scones & Gardens Book Club
Photos by Ron and Elaine Stein

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