George Geary Delights Audience with his Latest Book on LA Restaurants

Extremely knowledgeable and entertaining, best-selling author and renowned educator George Geary kept the audience in stitches with his fascinating tales about the culinary world in his latest book, LA’s Landmark Restaurants: Celebrating the Legendary Locations Where Angelenos have Dined for Generations on October 11, 2023, at The Virginia Robinson Gardens. The Friends have been very fortunate to have George speak at the Gardens twice before about his previous two books, LA’s Legendary Restaurants and Made in California. Our wonderful President Lynn Whitaker, standing in for Education Chair Adrienne Horwitch, warmly welcomed the guests as they mingled and enjoyed mimosas

Gorgeous Lecture by Maria Hummer-Tuttle on Her Book, “Objects of Desire”

Sophisticated, refined, intelligent, and beautiful, Maria Hammer-Tuttle enchanted the audience with her personal stories about the exquisite objects in her extraordinary collection featured in her book on September 13, 2023, at The Virginia Robinson Gardens. A tremendously beautiful book, Object of Desire is a celebration of the hunt for and the joy of living with objects we accumulate that are precious, not only for their beauty, uniqueness, and craftsmanship, but also for their connection to the past and the future, and for their resonance with one another. The foreword is written by famed ceramicist and author Edmund de Vaal, who wrote the book, The Hare with the Amber Eyes. The photographs are by the renowned and very talented photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna. A sumptuous book with exquisite layouts, poetic text, and surprises on every page, it is a true feast for the eyes and the soul

Carolyn Bennett’s Stunning Lecture on Artists Inspired by Gardens

On April 26, 2023, at The Virginia Robinson Gardens, researcher and lecturer Carolyn Bennett gave an enthralling and fascinating presentation titled, “Artists in the Shadows: Women Who Turned Gardens into Art.” Past President Kerstin Royce, standing in for Education Chair Adrienne Horwitch, warmly welcomed the guests at this sold-out lecture. Jeanne Anderson introduced Carolyn who speaks on a variety of garden and other landscape-related issues, including garden conservation. She received her master’s degree in the Conservation of Historic Landscapes, Parks and Gardens from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. In Los Angeles, she ran the Barn Studio Lecture Series for landscape designer Nancy Goslee Power & Associates in Santa Monica

Scintillating Lecture by Worthy McCartney on Cartier

On Friday, March 17, 2023, the tables, the guests, and Worthy’s McCartney’s resplendent images in her slide lecture on Cartier all sparkled brightly in the Pool Pavilion at The Virginia Robinson Gardens. In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and the lecture, many guests were festively bedecked in green and adorned with Cartier jewelry. Thanks to Education Chair Adrienne Horwitch, it was an elegant and fabulous affair. Adrienne introduced Worthy, the Regional High Jewelry Sales Director for Cartier, and a longtime Patron Member of the Friends of Robinson Gardens. She has traveled extensively to Europe and throughout the United States and has managed their stores in the US. Adrienne added that Worthy is a mentor to newer team members for Cartier’s high end collection pieces

Lecture on “Making the Exhibition, Lee Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse” Wows Audience

After a brief hiatus, the Education lectures resumed on February 16, 2023 at the Virginia Robinson Gardens with a terrific lecture on the making of the Lee Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2022. Thanks to Education Chair Adrienne Horwitch, it was a glamorous and exquisite event from the beautiful tables to the lavish lunch and the exciting lecture in the historic Pool Pavilion. Several attendees came dressed in McQueen’s fashions, adding to the festiveness of the occasion

Friends of Virginia Robinson Gardens Caps Lecture Series with Illuminating Talk on LA

Just as spring was preparing to blossom throughout the region and the seasonal changes were once again repainting Virginia Robinson Gardens’ glorious landscape, the Friends and guests gathered to celebrate the end of their most recent educational lecture series, co-chaired by Clare Wagner, Suz Landay, and Ann Petersen on April 14, 2022. Featuring Tim Street-Porter and Annie Kelly discussing their new book, Los Angeles Today - City of Dreams: Architecture and Design, the 45-minute talk inside the Pool Pavilion highlighted the dynamic changes that continue to engulf Los Angeles. “Tim was really focused on getting the icons of Los Angeles,” Annie told the Friends

Wendy Sue Knecht and Her Years with Pan Am

On March 15, 2022, Wendy Sue Knecht regaled the audience at the Virginia Robinson Gardens with fascinating tales from her years as a Pan Am flight attendant from 1979 to 1991. Education co-chair Clare Wagner introduced Wendy and said she is multi-talented. Since her Pan Am career, she successfully ran an import-export business, designs travel bags and accessories, and is a health care advocate. Elegantly attired in her Adolfo-designed uniform and pearls, Wendy charmed and delighted the guests sitting on the Tennis Court Observation Deck near the beautiful Display Rose Garden. Her first uniform was designed by famed Hollywood designer Edith Head. Wendy enthused, “This is the prettiest setting I’ve ever given a talk in and with the prettiest ladies!”

Mumsey Nemiroff Discusses Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries in the Art World at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

The Virginia Robinson Gardens played host this past month to an intimate salon featuring guest speaker Mumsey Nemiroff. An experienced lecturer, having taught at UCLA for two decades on the subject of art connoisseurship, Mumsey recently spent a particularly gorgeous November morning illuminating just over two dozen Friends and their friends about the art of collecting. “Understand what you’re buying,” she advises. “Buyer beware, always.” In spotting a fake, Mumsey has identified six criteria to help collectors successfully procure genuine art: age, condition, rarity, aesthetic, provenance, and price. “Always beware of the words unique and rare,” she cautions.

George Geary Takes Us on a Tasty Trip down Memory Lane

“When you are in Love’s, the whole world’s delicious!” This famous slogan brought back decades-old memories of my favorite barbecue sauce and wonderful family dinners at the old Pico Boulevard restaurant. It was a full house as George Geary spoke to members of the Friends about his latest book Made in California: The California-Born Diners, Burger Joints, Restaurants & Fast Food that Changed America. Eloquent and dapper as ever, Geary, the former pastry chef and best-selling author, charmed us during his second engagement at the Gardens by helping us to remember those restaurants that formed our first experiences as children and the ones that became our favorite haunts in our adult years.

California Romance and Beauty: Interior Designer Krista Everage

“Beautiful presentation!” “So glorious!” “I adored looking at everything!” On April 28, 2021, these were some of the enthusiastic comments from the Zoom attendees watching the very informative and lively interview of interior designer Krista Everage by publicist Christine Anderson, President of Communication Arts + Design, Inc. at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. Education co-chair Leslie Kavanaugh introduced Krista, a longtime Friends member, along with her friend and colleague Christine. Christine aptly remarked that the common thread in all of Krista’s work “from interiors to furniture to gardens to jewelry is luxurious romance suited to the indoor/outdoor California style.” Impressively, Krista’s first project published in Architectural Digest was designed around William Janss Jr.’s major art collection. Krista noted that in such instances, it is fun to design elements to complement the important artwork to create a subtle, poetic, and lyrical conversation between the furniture and the art. Also published in Architectural Digest was a rustic farmhouse whose interiors she designed for actor Dennis Quaid. Of her other notable clients, she said they embodied the Californian dream with their optimism and exuberance. Throughout the interview, the guests were able to savor images of the beautiful interiors she designed.
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