Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

On December 3, 2020, the Friends of Robinson Gardens hosted a holiday wreath making class for our members. There were participants from the sold out in-person event at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, as well as members participating online. The workshop was taught by the talented, world renowned florist Ines Garstecki of Flowermaid, who is a past Garden Tour floral designer. (Visit Ines’ website at Each guest was provided a floral kit of evergreens, holiday ribbon, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, and exotic grasses to make a unique and long lasting wreath to survive the holiday season. After a long Covid shut in, it was a happy time to spend time with friends and see some familiar faces. VRG is hoping to bring our members more Covid safe in-person and online classes in 2021. Check out the creations by our members from both in-person and online

Rediscover the Robust Fragrance and Allure of Roses from a By-Gone Era

Friends of Robinson Gardens
Tim Lindsay – “Rediscover the Robust Fragrance and
Allure of Roses from a By-Gone Era”
Saturday, January 18, 2020


Garden Class with Tim Lindsay
Saturday, January 18, 2020
11:00 pm to 2:30 pm

“Rediscover the Robust Fragrance and Allure of Roses from a By-Gone Era”

Roses play a significant role in World History, rose cultivation began over 5,000 years ago, most likely in China. For over 1,000 years, roses arrived in western Europe via The Silk Road. In Rome, they were used as confetti at celebration, for medicinal purposes, and as a source of perfume. … Read More

Re-Wilding Your Garden

A Garden Journey to Sustainability and Habitat Enhancement for the Creatures that Call Your Garden Home

On Monday, November 18, 2019, Superintendent Timothy Lindsay gave an informative and thought provoking talk on re-wilding your garden.

Tim presented ideas to help make smart plant choices when planning a garden. He suggested plants be selected not just based on their aesthetic contribution to the garden, but also on how the plants in the garden contribute to sustaining our souls, the creatures that live in our gardens and our planet.  He emphasized the importance of choosing climate appropriate plants. These obviously include native … Read More

Botanical Art Teacher Anne-Marie Evans

During two weeks in October, many members and guests were privileged to have renowned Botanical Arts Teacher Anne-Marie Evans, coming from London, to teach a class at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. We painted a Stephanotis. This plant is part of the botanical collection at the Gardens. We hope in the future to be able to add this illustration to our Florilegium which we are working on to assemble at Robinson Gardens.

Post by Kerstin Royce
Friends of Robinson Gardens Board Member

 … Read More

Birdwatching at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

The 2017 Gala Committee Goes on a Birdwatching Adventure at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

It was a day of sweltering heat at the Virginia Robinson Gardens on Friday morning, September 1st. Darrow Feldstein, son of this year’s Spirit of Beverly Hills Award Patron Gala recipient Lisa Greer, took the committee and honorees on a birdwatching adventure through the various themed gardens.

The morning began with greeting all participants in the Loggia with a bountiful array of tantalizing refreshments. Jeanne Anderson beautifully decorated the area with a lovely floral arrangement, complete with a bird, bird house, and bird’s nest. Pillows and … Read More

Tim Lindsay Gardening Class Color in Your Garden

Tim Lindsay’s Gardening Class: Color in Your Garden

On Wednesday, February 22nd, Superintendent Tim Lindsay conducted a class on Color in Your Garden, where he discussed the physiological and emotional impact of color in the garden.

Tim began his class by recommending Victoria Finley’s book called Color. He finds value in this book because it gives a historic context of color, such as where colors developed. For example, plants, flowers or insects can be used to create colors for paint. The book then goes through the history of artists and their use of color through the ages.

Tim then … Read More

Tim Lindsay Gardening Series

The Tim Lindsay Gardening Series
Class Schedule

Mark your calendars! VRG Gardening classes conducted by Superintendent Timothy Lindsay are designed to provide practical hands-on methods to make your garden more productive and beautiful! Each class (held the last Wednesday of each month), addresses the art and science of horticulture, thus providing  great take-home value to participants.

Class subject matter this season is summarized as follows:

October 26
How to grow organic and nutrient rich edibles in your Vegetable Garden:
This class offers ideas on how to design your vegetable garden, how to grow vegetables from seeds and from color packs. … Read More

Table Whimsey Workshop and Cookie Exchange

Holiday Events at the Gardens Table Whimsy Workshop with Nancy Miller

Nancy Miller, an incredible artist and Friend of Robinson Gardens for many years, led a great workshop on making festive napkin rings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other occasions last November before the holidays. Armed with glue guns, the participants first glued fabric on strips of cardboard. They then attached the ends of the fabric together to make a ring. Explaining that “sometimes the cheapest materials are the best,” Nancy brought raffia, ribbons, fabric, acorns, and silk orchids among other items for the group to use. Besides saving wrapping papers … Read More

Holiday Decorating Class

Holiday Decorating Class

Several holiday floral bouquets are available for purchase with 20% of sales going to Robinson Gardens! 

The Friends of Robinson Gardens were treated to a wonderfully festive holiday celebration with a tablescape demonstration by Corey of Sweet Pea’s Custom Floral and Ofelia of Studio Christofle. Stunning displays of beautiful holiday boxes created by Laureen Bozajian of Gift Box Wrapsody decorated the pool pavilion. Covered with shimmering ribbons, ornaments, flowers, lace, and velvet, these Christmas and Hanukkah boxes were for sale with 20% of the proceeds benefiting Robinson Gardens. Other items for sale included scented Rigaud candles along … Read More

Jenny Phillips Botanical Watercolor

 Jenny Phillips’ Botanical Watercolor Class

The Friends of Robinson Gardens had the privilege of hosting Jenny Phillips for our fall Botanical Watercolor Class.  Jenny is the Director and Founder of the Botanical Art School of Melbourne, Australia.   Having received many awards for her work, Jenny is highly recognized for her extraordinary contributions to botanical watercolor painting.  Her love of gardening and interest in botanical art has allowed her to develop her skill and knowledge to a remarkable level.  

Jenny’s ability to capture the ‘essence’, beauty and life of a plant, without compromising on botanical details, makes her work extremely collectible.… Read More