A Message from our Superintendent Tim Lindsay

Covid-19 Brought Fundraising to a Halt:

Private donations allow vital projects to proceed:

During the closure of the gardens, we have managed to complete a number of necessary and timely projects thanks to our members’ financial support and the help of the County.

The garden with its many historic statues, urns and pots is better fortified with the addition of a new security fence installed along Cove Way.

Displayed in the buildings at VRG are early 19th century artifacts that are now better protected. The County sponsored new roofs on the Servant Quarters and Pool Pavilion.

The most historic trees … Read More

Kamins’ Garden Water Features

Offer a Powerful Sense of Transcendence and Tranquility

Today we highlight the various water features created by the Kamins in their historic estate in Beverly Hills. The water features throughout the Kamins' garden are bountiful, beautiful, and intriguing. There's a sense of discovery and anticipation as you round each bend in the garden path. As you transverse the Kamins' garden there's a fresh perspective as each water feature reveals itself individually. Yet, there's a connectiveness as they evoke the qualities of music. Collectively, they sound like a symphony. Some water features are abstract and metaphorical, providing hidden patterns of pure emotion!

Don’t Miss Tim Lindsay’s Podcast on the Special History of VRG!

Back in February 2020, Superintendent Timothy Lindsay was interviewed for the podcast Jasoncharles.net. Tim said, “Jason, who lives in New York City, first contacted me in January 2020 and said he had been to Garden Tour some years ago. He couldn’t forget it, and loved it so much he felt compelled to help promote us to a wider audience.”

Tim added that Laura Craven who interviewed him in the Main House Library at VRG, “is very interested in promoting our future fundraising events when they are reactivated as well as our monthly educational programs. She graciously promoted the purchase … Read More

A Cascading Waterfall Benefits the Children’s Wildlife Pond

On September 14, 2019, the Patron Gala Rick’s Café Américain was held at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. This fabulous soiree successfully raised much needed funds to enhance the two acre “King Palm Forest” by creating a Children’s Wildlife Pond. As part of this project to embellish wildlife habitat and provide a teaching platform, a waterfall was built. It is an exciting addition to this tranquil paradise, complete with overstory and understory plantings; a pair of horned owls high in the palm trees keep watch over the garden all through the night.

The waterfall plays two roles in this new aquatic … Read More

Tim Lindsay and the History of the Virginia Robinson Gardens

On January 16, 2020, our amazing Superintendent Timothy Lindsay gave a presentation on the rich history of Virginia Robinson Gardens.  Before the talk, the guests mingled with each other while enjoying scrumptious tea sandwiches and desserts in the Pool Pavilion. Betty Goldstein, Chair of the Membership Committee who organized this special event, pointed out that the miniature chocolate muffins are from one of the recipes Virginia used for entertaining. The recipe came from the Ideal Cookery Book by M.A. Fairclough, published in 1911.  (Betty added that the muffins need a little more flavor. Elaine Stein, who is also on the … Read More

Rediscover the Robust Fragrance and Allure of Roses from a By-Gone Era

Friends of Robinson Gardens
Tim Lindsay – “Rediscover the Robust Fragrance and
Allure of Roses from a By-Gone Era”
Saturday, January 18, 2020


Garden Class with Tim Lindsay
Saturday, January 18, 2020
11:00 pm to 2:30 pm

“Rediscover the Robust Fragrance and Allure of Roses from a By-Gone Era”

Roses play a significant role in World History, rose cultivation began over 5,000 years ago, most likely in China. For over 1,000 years, roses arrived in western Europe via The Silk Road. In Rome, they were used as confetti at celebration, for medicinal purposes, and as a source of perfume. … Read More

Re-Wilding Your Garden

A Garden Journey to Sustainability and Habitat Enhancement for the Creatures that Call Your Garden Home

On Monday, November 18, 2019, Superintendent Timothy Lindsay gave an informative and thought provoking talk on re-wilding your garden.

Tim presented ideas to help make smart plant choices when planning a garden. He suggested plants be selected not just based on their aesthetic contribution to the garden, but also on how the plants in the garden contribute to sustaining our souls, the creatures that live in our gardens and our planet.  He emphasized the importance of choosing climate appropriate plants. These obviously include native … Read More

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Children’s Wildlife Pond

Front row:  left to right — President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens Patti Reinstein, Founder Joan Selwyn Back row:  left to right — Members Clare Wagner, VP Betty Goldstein, Robin Blake, Elaine Stein, Superintendent Tim Lindsay, former Presidents Maralee Beck, Kerstin Royce, Ellisa Bregman, Julia Klein, and member Keeley Smith

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, a celebration took place in the King Palm Forest of the Virginia Robinson Estate. A gold shovel, held by Patti Reinstein, the President of the Friends of Robinson Gardens and Joan Selwyn, its Founder, scooped up soil signifying the start of the construction of … Read More

Message from Superintendent Timothy Lindsay

This fall we started to build a “Children’s Wildlife Pond.” It is the first new design element in the garden since Virginia’s passing. This body of water will be a rich ecosystem perfect for teaching science lessons. Children will be able to get acquainted with tadpoles, frogs, and turtles, along with visiting exotic migratory birds.  Water lilies and cattails will also be grown to study plant and flower anatomy.

Trained docents will teach students using the aquatic plants growing in the pond. The important history of paper made from the papyrus plant will be included in their lesson. Invented … Read More

The Magnificent Naked Coral Tree at Virginia Robinson Gardens

This image of the historic Naked Coral Tree (Eyrathina caffra) was captured this foggy morning, on April 2, 2019 at dawn. It grows on a knoll in the Italian Terrace Garden. This species of tree is native to South Africa.  About 75 years ago, the seed was collected by the Robinsons while on one of their many plant expeditions. Now fully mature and in full bloom, it commands attention. It is named after the flower color and shape which resembles red coral found in the Indian Ocean. Because it flowers when there are no leaves present, it was named … Read More

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